Cristina ILEA –clasa a XI-a A (LTNB)

It’s very cold the air in here,

In the dark has grown a fear,

And any drug that’s taking my mind away

Isn’t stronger than love that makes me stay.

In dark is nothing left to see

I can hear your heartbeats for me,

An old guitar your fingers play

There are so many things I never say.

Is your touch, for it I grief,

In this empty space, only you I believe;

You’ll do for me, without exception, anything,

I still hear that old song you keep sing.

But soon, my dream has fade away,

About it, there’s nothing left to say…

It’s in our nature to wish upon a star,

But remember, our star is just so far.



It’s spring time again in my heart,

So all my feelings have a new start;

Nature plays its green song all the time,

And when it stops I’ll give it another dime.

Butterflies are flying in front of my face,

They have rainbow, vibrant wings like lace,

They take me to the Nevermore land

Where gold is found in shining sand.

In my journey I’ve found the truth –

Why aalways spring seem so youth:

Its core is made only of love,

So that’s why I’m writing of…

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